Lease a Studio – Start Your Own Business!

L’mage Salon Studios in Chandler is undergoing a transformation. Under new (local) ownership since October 2016, new updates have been made to several private studios.

Now is the time to lease a studio, to secure a place to call your own, a place where you can be your own boss! No drama, just business.

There is no better time to lease a studio and join other seasoned professionals who are already catering to their exclusive clients in an affordable, private location, with no hidden costs, and plenty of amenities. These single and double studios offer independent professionals an opportunity to own and operate their business without the drama of a common area salon, unnecessary overhead, and maintenance headaches.

We have taken away the initial start-up costs by providing you with essential equipment to help you start your own business.

Studio Currently Available

Studio #110 | 220 square feet | interior studio, double occupancy or premium single

Studio #110

Sensible Studio Pricing

Our suites really hit the spot! They are equipped with some of the major, essential equipment you’ll need, reducing your up-front costs to start your own business.  Our reasonable lease rates, contact us for details, are spelled out and there are no hidden costs. Electricity, water, and wifi are all included – no Arizona summer a/c bills to deal with!

This is your business; we’re just providing you with a wonderful, stress-free location to operate out of; your clients will love the accessibility, the convenient free parking, and our classy décor. You can choose to carry your own products, create your own pricing, and keep your own profit! What’s not to love?

We currently have studio vacancies with no security deposit required, as well as move in specials. Come take a tour, meet with our owner and learn more about how to lease a studio. Want to get started now? Just call 480-390-8928 or email us and we’ll set up a tour appointment that suits your schedule.

Comfortable Surroundings

Are you tired of salon drama? Wouldn’t you enjoy the privacy of your own studio to pamper your clients? That’s what you’ll discover at L’mage Salon Studios in Chandler. Our insulated walls help reduce noise, creating a more intimate place to work your art, rather than the mayhem of a common area salon.

Your clients can wait in our comfortable, elegant lobby seating area; or you can have them come straight back to your studio…as we said, it’s your business, your choice! But should you choose to use them, we have multiple seating areas, with complimentary wifi access, to welcome your clientele.

Come see for yourself. Call 480-390-8928 or and we’ll schedule a tour, so you can get started.

Practical Solutions

The building has a security system so once you lease a studio, you can work to your own schedule. You’ll have access to your studio more suited to your schedule and not some shop owner’s schedule, so whether you prefer to work early or late hours, weekdays and/or weekends, the choice is yours. We mentioned this is your business right? You set your own schedule!

There are a variety of floor plans and studio sizes that can create the right private situation for just you, you and friend, or you and two other industry related partners. Are you right out of school and in ‘super-start up’ mode, willing to share a larger studio with other newbies in the industry? Everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to help!

Like what you see? Schedule a tour today, start your business tomorrow! Call 480-390-8928 or email Jan.

Getting Started – Studio Furnishings

Specialty Services

  • Flexible arrangements on equipment package or set up based on specialty profession or practice
  • Sink
  • Lockable door with window

Nail Technicians

  • Nail tech table and chair
  • Sink
  • Client chair
  • Lockable door with window
  • Cabinets

Hair Stylists

  • Styling station and chair
  • Shampoo bowl and chair
  • Dryer
  • Lockable door with window
  • Cabinets

Studio Vacancies!

No Security Deposit!
Start Your Own Business Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch, or moving to our salon studios from another location, you’re sure to have questions. We’ve answered a few of the most common ones here. If you have more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Q. Do I need a license?

    There are several things to consider… All business licenses must be displayed prominently in your studio.

    • Trade Name Registration Application

    To apply for your salon or studio name, complete the Trade Name Registration Name Application (Secretary of State) or you can apply on the Arizona Secretary of State website.

    • Professional License

    You are required to have a license in the particular field or profession that you are practicing. For example, as a hair stylist you would need a cosmetology license and can apply to the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology for a Cosmetology Establishment License. Direct your cosmetology licensing questions to the Board of Cosmetology at 480-784-4539.

    • Arizona State Board of Cosmetology

    If you are a licensed cosmetologist, nail technician, or esthetician, you will need to complete a new salon application with the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology.

    • City of Chandler Business Application & Arizona State Tax Application (TPT – Transaction Privilege & Use Tax)

    If you are selling any retail products to your clients, you will need to complete these applications.

  • Q. Can I change my studio décor?

    Absolutely. In fact we encourage you customize your studio. Be you!

  • Q. Do you provide any additional equipment and supplies?

    You are provided with the major essential equipment to start up your business. Individual tools, products, and supplies are your responsibility.

  • Q. Do I need insurance?

    You are responsible for providing liability insurance for you and the facility. It serves to protect you from incidents, as well as protection for any equipment on the premises.

  • Q. Would I be an employee of L’mage?

    No, you’ll be your own boss! L’mage basically is your landlord. All tenants of L’mage Salon Studios in Chandler are independent contractors and not employees. You are responsible for your operation, your marketing, and any taxes associated with your business. You’re the boss!

  • Q. What businesses are welcome at L’mage?

    Your business must be in or affiliated to the beauty, health or wellness industry, and suitable to a private studio in a shared facility. We welcome hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, laser technicians, hair removal, makeup specialists, permanent cosmetics, spray tanning, eyelash extension, estheticians, massage therapists, aromatherapy, spa services, dieticians, nutritionists, wellness industry professionals, specialty services in the medical field, chiropractors, and boutique owners.

Ready to Get Started

If you’ve got any questions not covered, why not come see us, take a tour, and ask them face to face? Contact Jan today to schedule a tour of our facility and studios, and start living your dream today!